New in the UK: Beton-Flame, the best Polished Concrete alternative

Beton-Flame introduced the epoxy floor that has the same appearance as polished concrete.

Beton-Flame fits in with many styles. It is straightforward, sober and minimalist. By using a combination of various natural materials and synthetic resins such as polyurethane and epoxy, we obtained a simple yet colourful poured floor without seams.

The disadvantages associated with classic polished concrete are now a thing of the past! You can finally forget about layers in excess of 10cm, cracks, uneven surfaces and dust.


• dust free

• solvent free

• joint free

• up to 200 sqm in only 3 days

• the best polished concrete alternative

• high chemicals and abrasion resistance

• only 4 mm thickness

• can be aply on any type of floor (concrete, stone, tile, wood…)

• available in more than 50 colors